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HaiMen Runda Carbon Co.,Ltd(HaiMen qianjin carbon manufacturcs factory)is the company becomes a major produccing and export base of carbon black, carbon manufactures and on-time-forming carbon brushes, It locates at Yangte River Daita, opposite to Shanghai over the river.

The 1990s later through joint offorts of the staffs and workers, using scientific manage system, sdvanced manufacture quality, perfect service system of produccing, supplying, selling and studying. the company becomes a conprehensive factory produccing carbon and graphite manufactures, including all kings of carbon material, high-strenght, high-density,high-purity graphite,sealed materials, carbon brushes for kings of AC motor and DC motor. The products can meet requirements of customers with the output of 3 hundreads of milllions per year.

HaiMen Runda Carbon Co.,Ltd possessing modernized production and testing equipment, using adcanced technology insisting on principle of absorbing tech in the word procides excelent and new products for sciety wishing to keep abreast of current situation and return to customers heartedly. settng up advanced model in the carbon industry. HaiMen Runda Carbon Co.,Ltd welcome all guests at home and abroad to come for business negotiation and cooperation.

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